US Cargo is a diversified ground services provider that offers high-value, low-cost premium services, tailored to unique market demands.

We believe no two shipments are the same, which is why we work closely with our customers to identify and design efficient, cost-effective solutions within their supply chain. With US Cargo, visibility is at your fingertips with our customized iDeliver order software, equipped with full tracking-and-tracing capabilities. Shipments are updated in real time with scanners throughout our delivery area.

US Cargo’s offers alcohol delivery services to distributors selling to beer, wine and spirits retailers in the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic. Additionally, we provide home delivery services such as flavor-of-the-month clubs. Due to the sensitive nature of these shipments, our drivers are fully certified to perform these specialized deliveries.

Throughout our history are countless examples of customized, end-to-end solutions, each of which have been crafted and tailored with the specific goal of reducing cost and increasing efficiency in our customers’ supply chains. Whatever the industry is, we stand ready to customize a solution that meets your specific needs.