US Cargo's Customer Commitment

At US Cargo, we pride ourselves on our commitment to develop transportation services and logistical systems to meet the needs of you, our customer. We respect that every business has different needs, and our pricing methods reflect that. We don’t let schedules or systems get in the way of servicing you with the highest priority. No business need is too small. We believe in our customers and value your business. When your business succeeds, we succeed.

Justin, Medical Equipment & Supplies Company

“We are very happy dealing with US Cargo because we always have a consistent point of contact which makes for effective daily communication. US Cargo has the great ability to solve issues if and when they appear with a willingness to go above and beyond. Their timeliness allows us to under promise and over deliver. If a package is going to be delayed, we receive a call from US Cargo Customer Service letting us know why, and letting us know when the package will be delivered. Drivers are friendly, dressed professionally and drive vehicles that are clearly marked. US Cargo has a solid accuracy rating of getting packages to our customers on time and to the right location. Many times you discuss with vendors the ability to have a mutually beneficial relationship with you but rarely does that ever happen with a vendor. Our partnership with US Cargo is the type of mutually beneficial relationship we wish we had with all our vendors.”

Ken, Housekeeping & Hospitality Supply Company

“We have been doing business with US Cargo for over one year and their deliveries are very well suited to our industry. They are usually made in a box truck or van to a location inside the hotel by professionally uniformed drivers. The deliveries are usually made early in the day which benefits our customers in the hotel housekeeping departments. US Cargo’s attention to details and follow up as we transitioned a large portion of business from LTL to US Cargo’s lightweight service was seamless. Our working relationship with US Cargo has open communication that allowed us to look at additional pockets of business to be delivered that benefited both companies. In working with US Cargo to establish this transition our organization was able to see additional cost savings.”

Jeff, Healthcare Products Supplier

“US Cargo/PITT OHIO has been an important partner to my operation for the past 16 months. They have provided a very high level delivery that has led to improvement in our delivery quality with a higher on time delivery percentage and lower damage rates. The customer service and sales department is second to none. They are responsive and follow up is immediate. The service and quality has led to expanded business opportunity.”

Mike, Medical Equipment & Supplies Company

“I would like to express my appreciation for the quality of service offered by US Cargo. Choosing US Cargo for our extended needs was a great decision. I can rest assured the services offered by US Cargo meet our needs and are dependable, reliable and affordable. The staff has been very accommodating to our needs and a pleasure to work with. US Cargo’s commitment to quality, accountability, and overall service excellence exceeds my highest level of expectations. They simply care about their effect on customers and customize their service to bring great value to our business and most importantly our customers. US Cargo works as a service partner that helps us to overcome business challenges and provide total effort and support to achieve top results that we depend on to meet and exceed our daily business objectives. Everyone at US Cargo and the terminal have always been a great joy to work with and we have come to form a great relationship and that is why we consider US Cargo an extension of our day to day operations.”

Frank, Office Supply Distributor

“US Cargo’s service enables our company to provide the same high level of service to customers outside the areas covered by our own drivers. With the ability to provide friendly, desk top deliveries, US Cargo’s service extends my coverage throughout the markets we service and helps grow our sales and profits.”

Chuck, Third Party Logistics Provider

“I would consider US Cargo a core carrier of ours in the Mid-Atlantic region and based on their penchant for always putting the customer first and “can do” attitude, we have continually tried to find ways to grow our partnership with them.  They are out-of-the-box thinkers and many of the projects we’ve given them require a flexible Operations Team.  If you are looking for a carrier that strives to provide first class service with strong technology capabilities, make US Cargo your first call.”