What does US Cargo Do?

US Cargo is a diversified ground transportation services partner offering solutions for dedicated courier, final mile, pool distribution, package and lightweight common carrier freight for shippers in the greater mid-Atlantic region.

What is US Cargo’s specialty?

We excel in providing a personalized approach by understanding customer needs. Our simplified approach to pricing allows us to compete with regional and national carriers in our coverage area. Our customer service is a culture as opposed to merely a function. Our customers enjoy access to knowledgeable and professional services at both the corporate and local levels. Our customers appreciate the US Cargo Experience and do not hesitate to recommend us to other shippers.

Where is my local operation?

Please see our coverage page to find the US Cargo location nearest to you.

What are my payment options?

Check, money order, and wire transfer are the preferred methods of payment.

Why should I consider changing from my national parcel carrier to regional?

Some of the most common benefits, or reasons for changing, include lower cost, expanded next day footprint, lower claims ratio, flexibility, and enhanced customer experience.

How do you price? Zone, mileage, or a per stop rate?

We use the best pricing method that is suited for you. Our pricing is done per customer, and we give you options that include how to save on your shipping.

Who are the main contacts at US Cargo?

View our coverage page for main US Cargo’s main contacts and their contact information.

What address do I remit payments to?

Please remit payments to:
U.S. Cargo & Courier Service
P.O. Box 645022
Pittsburgh, PA 15264-5022

How do I start service?

Call 888-USCARGO or contact us online.

Who do I contact if I have a service issue?

Please contact our customer service department at 888-USCARGO, or fill out our customer inquiry form.